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Happy Birthday Stacey!

[Waiting for Stacey on her bed in the morning is a small parcel. Inside is a painting of a daisy. There is also a card.]
Inside the card.

Happy Birthday Stacey!

You're a great friend and I don't know what I'd do without you. I hope you like the flower.

Much love,

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I can't believe the summer came and went so quickly and now the first month of school is almost over.
I found my family and that is good. This was the best summer of my life. I got to meet my family and embrace life no longer as an orphan.

But... loosing Uncle Miguel was hard. Tragedy strikes us when we least expect it. I was on top of the world and then he died. It didn't feel real at the time, but I think it has really hit me now. When I go back home he won't be there.

Home, it's such a lovely thought. I'll be glad to go back to it when the time comes and not dread it as I have in past times.

My 6th year of school. I have almost come full circle. 16 years old, I bet my parents would be proud, if they knew.

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Well there was a party to celebrate Matt's Graduation, he's my cousin. I've got so much family now, it's great!

I think Bob got a little tipsy, well everyone got a little tipsy. And let they me drink! I've never been allowed to drink before. It's a family thing apparently, Portuguese tradition. But I'm not Portuguese. I'm part British and I'm part German too. Bob told me a little of my history that is. I didn't really drink much I had a sip of wine, I didn't really like it.

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[Private to Leona's school friends]

Life is certainly different living with a family of my own. It's not quite the fairytale I had imagined but they are my family none the less. Bob tends to be busy so we've not had a lot of time together. I'm not exactly sure my aunt and uncle want me around. I think my aunt sees too much of my mother in me. Bob showed me a picture of my parents. Oh they're so grand! Tall and elegant. They're beautiful, except he doesn't know if they are alive or not, and it makes me very sad to think they might be gone. He hasn't explained why, and I don't know if he will or can, whatever that means.

I think there is more to this family then meets the eye.

Apparently they are pure bred. That means I'm a pure blood, not that it matters to me.

[/Private to Leona's school friends]

[Private to Bob]
Are we really going to go to see the Malfoys? I don't think Draco cares for me very much. I don't think I'm welcome in their home.

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I was so scared... so scared. I followed the Prefects. I don't like war. I don't like it at all.


But I'm so happy. I'm excited, I have a family and I'm going to be with them.

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Everyone is stressing over their exams. I'm just glad to be getting through them, it's almost time to leave Hogwarts. I've never been so excited in my life. I'm about to have a home of my own. It's amazing, really.

Well, so far in our games. Ron : 10 Leona : 6 Stacey : 5. We're starting to really understand each other's moves. Sometimes our games take so long we can't finish and other times it's over in an instant. It's a nice way to spend a weeknight.

I'm looking forward to the next game. ((OOC: We really should rp another game. Except Ronniekins doesn't like to post anymore.))

Leona Has Happy News!

Even with all the gloom that seems to follow the students I have wonderful news!

I have a cousin, I have a family.

I mean I found out so fast, it's incredible. I can't believe it.

I'm going to get to meet my family this summer. I'm so excited. My cousin has guardianship of me now.

I don't know if any of you know him but my cousin is Bob Casal. He seems really nice, seems happy to be my new guardian.

For the far and few between of Leona's friends

((OOC: I'm gonna pretend that Stacey, Ron, and Leona have been having weekly games. Is that okay? Because well I've been bad about posting, and Ron and Leona said they were gonna have their game again and I'm just gonna say they did.))

This weeks game was good. Stacey and I tied and Ron murdered us both again.

Everyone seems so uneasy lately, like the bottom is going to drop out underneath us any second.

It is awful what happened to the Patils but that doesn't mean you have to patronize Padma. Or take it to a ridiculous level of name calling and underhanded comments.

It makes me wonder what happened to my parents, maybe they were wizards and were attacked and killed by Death Eaters. Maybe they were muggles caught in a DE massacre. I don't know.